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The warm colors of autumn

New Website Launch

Finally, I can say that my new website has been launched. After months of recreating my content, photographs, layout and design, I called technical support in India and she walked me through and did the finishing touches for re-directing my website.

Now, you can click and purchase on any item. You can see my new show schedule, which includes all of my out-of-town shows, including Sedona, Arizona and Austin, Texas in October 2015!

I am so happy and excited to launch not only my new website but my new look and attitude falling into a beautiful new season: Autumn.

The warm colors of autumn

Susie Larsson

2017 has been a huge year of out-of-state shows, beginning in Arizona with four shows in the spring, and ending in September/October with my last out-of-state show in North Dakota.

Last year, I had flown into the city of Minot, North Dakota with all of my jewelry and display packed onto an airplane. This year, I debated between a plane, the train or driving my own car. I decided to drive the 1,300 mile journey across Washington, Idaho, Montana and finally to my destination of North Dakota. 

Not terribly far, but considering I had just completed another 2,600 mile round-trip journey to Breckenridge, Colorado just a few weeks' previously, it seemed like a very long journey, but I made it and most importantly, my car made it and no animals were injured. When I was driving down from Lewiston, Montana into Livingston, I was warned that quite a few deer are always in the road. They were right, luckily, I had slowed down and was watching the road very closely, a deer stood still staring at me and I waited until she decided which side of the road she wanted to take.

When I mapped out my route, using the aid of a computer, I found that there were three different routes I could take. I decided on the scenic route, driving over and I was not disappointed. I drove into Montana and Missoula, making the decision to head north and onto Highway 2. A very beautiful and sometimes a very long journey. What I enjoyed the most were the wide open spaces of land and trees and nobody in sight, just nature and maybe some wild animals grazing on the side of the road.

I am so lucky to be able to do what I do and travel and see so much of this beautiful country.

Next year, I will have a new plan, sometimes, I will choose the same places to go, but also explore new destinations, new designs, a new year.

With only three shows left, I am looking forward to a bit of time off to recuperate and reconvene to make some newer designs. I already have made a few and they will be showing up in the last part of 2017 and even more in 2018.