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13716 Midvale Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98133
United States


About Susie Larsson, the Artist

Susie moved to Sweden out of high school and spent several years working and studying languages, primarily Swedish, German and French. At that time, she was introduced to the native Sami culture's jewelry, which included their bracelets made of reindeer skin and a fine silver/pewter twine. After she moved to Arizona in 2000 she became fascinated with the Native American jewelry she saw in the museums and stores. 

In 2003, Susie began creating jewelry as a way to relax and unwind from working in a high-paced, corporate, financial institution. After being laid off at the beginning of the recession in 2007, she returned to school to study graphic design and visual communications. Becoming a graphic designer or illustrator did not happen. While at school, she continued her craft of bead-weaving, using her newly found skills in design to create never-before-seen jewelry. After graduation, in 2011, she decided to pursue jewelry design full-time to find out if this was something that could be sustaining and life-affirming. Her shows began locally and were mostly street markets and holiday shows. She now shows her jewelry in museum gift stores, small boutiques and galleries and travels out-of-state almost every month for a new show, continually pushing her creative portfolio. Dwindling inventory and millions of beads wait for new creations.

The process of bead-weaving is very slow and yields few pieces in a week or a day. She uses high quality Japanese glass beads, plated in various metals, including 24kt Gold, Palladium, Sterling Silver, Bronze, and many other colors and finishes to create bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces, barrettes, chokers and earrings. Requests have been made for watches...stay tuned.

Keeping a simple color palette is Susie's trademark. Choosing a quiet and beautiful palette of colors is what makes her jewelry elegant and unique. Each jewelry piece is woven together using a very fine needle and thread. Ensuring that the piece holds together, she spends the extra time to ensure it's strength and durability, while balancing the delicacy of the jewelry.

Thank you for visiting my website. Always, feel free to contact me via email or telephone.

Susie Larsson

April 5, 2018