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Happy New Year: 2016: New Year, new look, new styles!

New Website Launch

Finally, I can say that my new website has been launched. After months of recreating my content, photographs, layout and design, I called technical support in India and she walked me through and did the finishing touches for re-directing my website.

Now, you can click and purchase on any item. You can see my new show schedule, which includes all of my out-of-town shows, including Sedona, Arizona and Austin, Texas in October 2015!

I am so happy and excited to launch not only my new website but my new look and attitude falling into a beautiful new season: Autumn.

Happy New Year: 2016: New Year, new look, new styles!

Susie Larsson

It's finally here. I've been waiting for 2016 since mid-December. The year in review showed much promise and going to new festivals, including Idaho, two shows in Arizona and all the way into Texas. It was a beautiful trip and I am looking forward to 2016.

Planning ahead, I will be going down to Southern California for the Desert Arts Festival in Palm Springs, the first weekend in March. Believe it or not, I have never done a show in California, and hope that this won't be the last for this year! I will take another rode trip, since it is only 1,600 miles away! 

I've been holding onto some inventory for a very long time, gemstones, leather spools, colorful glass beads and my hope is that I will infuse my single color jewelry with some new colors and life. 

During most of the year, March - mid-December, I can get so busy with working and going to shows and replenishing my inventory that I don't have the opportunity to sit down and really plan out some new designs. Although, my jewelry notebook has plenty of designs to choose from. During the end of Decmeber and through February is my time to take care of business, catch up, rest, create new designs and study. The last few books I have been reading have opened up more ideas and energy than I can keep up with!

Stay tuned for these new pieces as I add them onto my website.

Not only is this a new year, I have also updated my hairstyle. From the natural brunette in winter/spring to a blonde in summer/fall to a redhead in winter 2016!

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2016