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Back in Arizona!

New Website Launch

Finally, I can say that my new website has been launched. After months of recreating my content, photographs, layout and design, I called technical support in India and she walked me through and did the finishing touches for re-directing my website.

Now, you can click and purchase on any item. You can see my new show schedule, which includes all of my out-of-town shows, including Sedona, Arizona and Austin, Texas in October 2015!

I am so happy and excited to launch not only my new website but my new look and attitude falling into a beautiful new season: Autumn.

Back in Arizona!

Susie Larsson

I just finished up with my first Arizona show for the 2017 season. When I left home, the temperature was hovering around 40 - 50 degrees. A big snowstorm blew in two days after I left. The drive down and through Washington, Oregon, and California felt dangerous. I didn't drive on any snow, but I drove through the heavy traffic in Seattle (of course, what else is new?), then hit the freezing rain POURING DOWN through the Portland area, I could feel my all wheel drive engaging every steer-wheel gripping moment. Driving through Oregon AND California had rain too. Not until I drove over the border into Arizona did the sun begin to shine and the heat I had been anticipating was finally there.

The Tubac Art Festival was a big success. I met some great people, fellow artists, customers and admirers. I was able to watch the "Shuttle" go by every 30-45 minutes, a horse-drawn cart. I don't get to see that.....ever! The show was five days, the longest show I have ever done, but it was still fun and I was able to take my bike out several times to check out the village of Tubac. On Saturday night, I tried to get on my bike as soon as possible so I could explore the Anza Trail before it became too dark. A beautiful ride along the creek led to white-tailed deer drinking along the river bank, a quiet, narrow, winding trail. The next morning, I found a flat tire on the back of my bike. I'll have to get that fixed!

This is my last day of the show. I have been staying in the border town of Nogales, only a few miles from the Mexican border. I saw a sign that read, "Mexico, next left", when I drove in on Monday night.

I'll be leaving in the morning, going back to the cold Northwest. I'm not sure which direction I will drive....the weather has been so bad, so I might have to go the long way through California.

Next month, I will be leaving at the beginning of the month to return for an entire month in Arizona. With three shows in Arizona and a 10-day stay in one of my favorite towns, Sedona. It should be exciting. Until then.....