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Travelling to Shows

New Website Launch

Finally, I can say that my new website has been launched. After months of recreating my content, photographs, layout and design, I called technical support in India and she walked me through and did the finishing touches for re-directing my website.

Now, you can click and purchase on any item. You can see my new show schedule, which includes all of my out-of-town shows, including Sedona, Arizona and Austin, Texas in October 2015!

I am so happy and excited to launch not only my new website but my new look and attitude falling into a beautiful new season: Autumn.

Travelling to Shows

Susie Larsson

My 2016 season started out with a drive over to Lewiston, Idaho for their annual Art under the Elms art show. The drive was beautiful. The weather was unpredictable as April weather can be with winds, rain and sunshine all within the 72 hours during the show.

I watched as a neighbor's tent blew over across the green from me. Many festival patrons were nice enough to run over and help the artists hold down their tent and also bring it back to upright. I spoke with some artists at my hotel and found out that they tore down their entire display because they feared the worst might happen with the unpredictable winds that were pushing through. 

It was a fun event and everybody was so nice. I made the mistake, as I have in the past, thinking, sure, I can drive back home (only 330 miles) on Sunday, after a 3-day show. It was exhausting and the winds picked up again as I drove down towards the Columbia river. I made it home just before midnight and I had to take more than 24 hours to recover. Lesson learned.

The following Wednesday, I flew to Austin, Texas and had a fabulous show. Sunshine, friendly people, beautiful city. I was swimming in a creek and a natural springs, taking advantage of the warmer location.

Last weekend, I was back on my home turf, in Kirkland, which is on 20 minutes away for the Kirkland Artist Studio Tour for two days on Lake Washington.

After so many months of not having any shows, it's so much fun to start up again, with the unpredictable weather and the exciting new places I can visit.