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New Website Launch

Finally, I can say that my new website has been launched. After months of recreating my content, photographs, layout and design, I called technical support in India and she walked me through and did the finishing touches for re-directing my website.

Now, you can click and purchase on any item. You can see my new show schedule, which includes all of my out-of-town shows, including Sedona, Arizona and Austin, Texas in October 2015!

I am so happy and excited to launch not only my new website but my new look and attitude falling into a beautiful new season: Autumn.


Susie Larsson

I just recently returned from several weeks in Thailand and had an incredible time. Visiting Bangkok was certainly a place that never sleeps. 

Some of the best highlights would have to be the temples. Awe-inspiring. The details in the construction of these beautiful and sacred monuments is astonishing.

We were able to visit an area called Krabi, which lies on the Andaman Sea. The colors and beauty were breath-taking.

I always have said that without travel in my life, there would be no reason to live. I have been home for almost three weeks and my inner clock is still turned to somewhere between here and Bangkok. Rising at 3 in the morning and going to bed at 8pm or 6pm is ridiculous. Having the opportunity to visit such a beautiful country with wonderful food and amazing people. I am truly a very lucky individual.

Taking note of the rich reds, blues and golds found on some of the temples, I hope to incorporate a few new jewelry pieces with these colors.